Central Railway generates Rs 40.41 crore in non-tariff revenue, highest among all zonal railways

Central Railway continued its winning streak by retaining first place in non-tariff revenue collection among all zonal railways. Apart from this, it has also set a record for operating the most Kisan Rail services on Indian Railways in the last fiscal year.

In the fiscal year 2021-22, CR generated Rs. 40.41 crore in non-tariff revenue, which is 93.16% higher than the year 2020-2021.

Confirming the development, a senior CR officer said: “CR’s Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune divisions have awarded work under ‘Hybrid OBHS’ (Onboard Servicing Service) contracts to win models for six trains with an annual fee of Rs.40.5 lakh for Under this scheme, outdoor and indoor advertising, infotainment and in-train sales of general-purpose items including disposable linen and promotional rights are authorized to the license holder. This will result in savings on OBHS and bedding services.”

“In addition, the contract for the sale of non-catering items to passengers on board the Nagpur division, app-based electronic wheelchair services, etc. are significant sources of non-fare revenue. pilot project for full passenger services onboard Mahanagri Express is also underway,” the officials added.

Apart from this, Central Railway recorded its highest parcel revenue of Rs.322.82 crore for the financial year 2021-22, which is 106.86% higher than the revenue of Rs.156.06 crore made in the during the 2020-21 financial year.

“This is a remarkable achievement considering the consequences of the difficult Covid pandemic,” an official said.

“Central Railway has also created a record of operating the largest number of Kisan Rail services on Indian Railways. Growth in parcel traffic is mainly driven by the smooth operation of Kisan Rail carrying perishable traffic from the region to the country’s distant markets.. In the fiscal year 2021-22, Kisan Rail completed 946 trips to various destinations carrying 3.46 lakh tons, which is the highest among Indian Railways. Since its inception on 7 August 2020, Kisan Rail has completed 1,173 trips so far, transporting 4.17 lakh tons of agricultural products across the country,” the official said.

According to Anil Kumar Lahoti, Managing Director of Central Railway, transporting parcels by rail is the safest, fastest and most environmentally friendly option available to customers and Central Railway’s efforts to put business development units in all its divisions have facilitated access to businessmen. , traders and resellers to quickly transport their goods.

He further said that Kisan Rail has turned out to be a great success story that has greatly benefited farmers and small and medium entrepreneurs.

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Posted: Sunday April 03 2022, 7:49 PM IST

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