Finance Department Grants and Accountability Division

The Grants and Accountability Division consists of the following two sections: the Grants and Cost Planning Office and the Financial Accountability Office. Together, the two sections cover the entire grant lifecycle in Metro. As part of the division’s joint efforts, chapters ensure grants are well-documented, Metro agencies maximize grant repayments, and ensure grants are administered in accordance with grantor requirements.

Each section of the division plays an important role in how Metro manages its grants. Here are the main responsibilities of each area:

Grants and Cost Planning Office

The Office of Grants and Cost Planning consists of the following two sections:

Grant Coordination Section

The Grants Coordination Section serves as the nerve center for assembling, organizing, and verifying that all necessary documentation for external grants to Metro Nashville Government and Metro Nashville to Nonprofit Organizations is complete and accurate before approval of necessary authorized offices within Metro.

For more information, visit our Grants page.

Cost planning

The objective of the cost planning program is to provide planning, implementation and support products to Metro departments and agencies so that they can manage the costs of key products within the framework of predetermined performance objectives. and use cost information to make resource and operational improvement decisions.

For more information, visit our cost planning page. For cost planning information, visit our Local Cost Allocation Plan page.

Office of Financial Accountability

The Office of Financial Accountability performs fiscal and programmatic monitoring of federal and state grants administered by the various government agencies in the Metro Nashville and Davidson County areas to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, regulations, results and reported outcomes federal, state, and local and specific grant requirements. program.

For more information, visit our Financial Responsibility page. For information on financial responsibility, visit our Financial Responsibility Reports page.

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