Ministry of Finance releases Rs 32 Crore for establishment of cancer and drug treatment infrastructure: Harpal Singh Cheema

The lawyer for the Minister of Finance, Planning, Excise and Taxation, Harpal Singh Cheema, said on Tuesday that the Ministry of Finance has released a grant of Rs. 32 Crore for the creation of an infrastructure of cancer and drug treatment to strengthen Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann spearheaded the Punjab government’s initiatives in this sector.

Revealing this in a press statement posted here, Advocate Harpal Singh Cheema said that the Ministry of Finance has so far released a grant of Rs. 48.75 crores for the establishment of cancer treatment infrastructure and drug addiction in the current financial year including grants of Rs. 32 Crore released today.

Emphasizing the need to improve the treatment of cancer in the state, the finance minister said that in the current financial year, apart from the above mentioned funds, Rs. 4.50 crores have been disbursed to the State Cancer Institute, Amritsar and Rs. 2.02 crores to Tertiary Cancer Care Centre, Fazilka.

Cheema further added that the Ministry of Finance has also approved revised fees for junior residents, senior residents and tutors. He said the initial fees for the guardian (non-PCMS) and the senior resident have been increased from the existing rupees. 65,100 to Rs. 81,562 and fees for residents (non PCMS) have been increased from Rs 52,080 to Rs. 67,958.

The Finance Minister reiterated the strong commitment of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann led the Punjab government to ensure major improvements in healthcare facilities apart from boosting the medical education sector.

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