Portsmouth’s Finance Department publishes popular and annual comprehensive financial reports

PORTSMOUTH – The Portsmouth community can now access the full annual financial report and the popular annual financial report for the financial year 2021 on the city’s website. The City prepares both documents after the close of each fiscal year under the direction of Director of Finance and Administration Judie Bélanger.

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is the City’s official, audited “full financial disclosure” report on the City’s financial health. The PAFR, based on the full report, provides the community with an engaging and easy-to-understand summary report to help citizens better understand the city’s audited financial statements.

Both documents are posted at www.cityofportsmouth.com/finance/proposedadopted-budgets-and-financial-reports, allowing the reports to contain direct links to resources for additional information.

The Finance Department has included a ‘How To’ document: https://files.cityofportsmouth.com/finance/fy21/HowtousePAFR21.pdf to help the public navigate the document’s unique interactive features.

For those unable to access the reports online, printed copies are also available at City Hall, Portsmouth Public Library and the Senior Activity Centre. The city’s finance department has a limited number of the printed version of the PAFR available upon request.

During the presentation of the two reports to the public, Mr. Bélanger noted: “The Service des finances works continuously to provide a transparent view of the City’s financial situation. We hope the citizens of Portsmouth will use the PAFR as a document to help explain the more complex aspects of financial statements. »

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