Quartr extends its seed cycle to transform investor relations

Quartr, a Swedish app that gives investors access to company news and earnings calls, has completed its $2.6 million seed round.

The expansion, which brings Qartr’s funding round to $7.1 million, was led by Öhman Group, with participation from Flat Capital (the investment firm of Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski) and Centripetal Capital.

Used by both investors and companies, the Quartr app is available for free on iOS and Android and has over 2,500,000 events played by over 5,500 companies in 19 markets. In its first year, the app has over 300,000 downloads in over 160 countries.

Users can access company information – such as earnings calls, investor presentations, PDFs of transcripts and earnings reports – from Apple, Meta, Spotify, Moderna, as well as all other listed companies. Rather than the traditional method of calling live to discover company information, all data can now be found with just a few clicks.

The startup recently launched a “Search Anything” feature, where all corporate transcripts from around the world on the platform are included in the same search engine, timestamped in audio so users can scroll through key moments. It also deploys Insights, which uses data from S&P Global to provide often inaccessible business data, including analyst estimates and financial data.

The application is used by retail investors, but also by analysts of blue chip companies such as Bank of America, Fidelity and UBS. Meanwhile, companies such as Moderna and Swedish mobile gaming giant LeoVegas are using Quartr’s recently launched embedded player to embed their presentations on websites, articles and blog posts.

Sami Osman, CEO of Quartr, said, “With the product driving our growth, this capital will go almost exclusively to recruiting technology talent to address issues faced by our customers. With so many trillions of dollars circulating in the financial industry, it’s fascinating how the user experience of some existing tools still lags far behind.

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