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from Maurizio Giannattasio

The opposition asks to use the 210 million and the dividends that the multi-services pays each year to the municipality to intervene on the high bill. Palazzo Marino’s response: “No prejudice, but that would amount to cutting essential services for the city”

A2A’s historic headquarters in Corso di Porta Vittoria changes hands. While waiting to transfer employees to the new skyscraper in Piazza Trento in 2025, the multi-services company earns cash by selling to the Henderson Park fund, a London-based private equity group, also two other assets. The first via Balduccio da Pisa, the second via Gonin. Total transaction: 221 million euros.

The stone in the pond

End of the first half. The second opens with Brothers from Italy that following what the centre-right did in Brescia decides to present a agenda in which A2A is asked to use part of these revenues to calm the increase in electricity and gas bills. And the same for the dividends paid into the coffers of the Palazzo Marino: 62.5 million euros. An operation that the executive of the Palazzo Marino does not approve for reasons of merit: because subtracting dividends to distribute them on the bills would amount to subtracting resources from essential services for the city and for the weakest groups. To throw the stone in the pond, it is Daniela Santanché, regional coordinator of FdI with the adviser Enrico Marcora who will materially present the agenda. “The Municipality could make part of the dividends from A2A available to families and businesses”, specifies Santanché. Marcora goes further: “I remember that Aem was founded in 2010 to counter Edison’s monopoly and allow Milanese to save money. It did the same after the war by investing in the power stations of Valtellina. The company has always responded to the needs of citizens. Today, another cry of alarm. The Municipality makes A2A dividends available to calm the bills of small and medium-sized businesses and sports centers that are suffering the most. And do the same with the money from the sale of the buildings”. The League had done the same with Pietro Marrapodi asking to use 15% of the dividends. AND Forza Italia also signs.

Marine Palace

The answer comes from the budget adviser, Emmanuel Conte. “We are all aware of the importance of the issue for families and businesses. There is no ideological prejudice, but the real question to ask would be another. Faced with missed dividends, what services should I cut since A2A money is a non-binding income that is used to finance all current expenses, social assistance, public transport, urban sanitation? Who should be kicked out of the tower? ‘ Especially at a time like this, when the pandemic inevitably affects municipal accounts. “We are working on the 2022-24 budget and the balance is not there yet. The government has rightly recognized the difficulty of the cities by doubling the transfers in 2020 and 2021 to reach one billion euros, as well as by providing for one billion in the Sostegni ter decree to calm the bill for the first quarter of companies and families. It is right that it is so because the theme is national and must concern everyone”. But what would it mean to spread A2A dividends on the Milanese’s bills? If it were 15% as requested by the League, that would mean 15 euros more per year and per family. If they were all 62 million, 100 euros. One tenth of the expected increase. The leader of the Democratic Party, Filippo Barberis, also spoke: “We must intervene in a way that is complementary to the government and not overlapping, because the risk is to throw away or steal money for fundamental interventions for citizens. . Moreover, it would not distinguish between those who have income difficulties or not. We continue to work on the deferral of payments, the maxi-maturities and the transfer”.


Finally, the proceeds from the sale of the head office. A2A responds: “The sale of part of the Milanese properties held by A2A is part of the broader activities of asset turnover
, already foreseen in the strategic plan presented last year. The resources recovered will be used for the construction of the group’s new headquarters in Piazza Trento, for the improvement of other properties in Milan and will contribute to the financing of the ambitious 18 billion investment plan planned for the coming years”.

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February 4, 2022 (change February 4, 2022 | 08:40)

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