What to do if your financial service is compromised

Many organizations do the mistake of thinking that their security is impenetrable. Certainly, with the proper protection, education, and protocols in place, your chances of being compromised are greatly reduced. The problem, however, is that the world of cybercrime is never static – it’s an ever-changing, ever-expanding juggernaut that frequently adapts, innovates, and develops new ways to breach even the most secure systems. .

People at the top of your company are also at a much higher risk of being targeted than those in entry-level positions, especially those with access to financials, payroll, accounts, and invoices. All it takes is a successful breach for your entire organizational finances to be compromised, which not only means your accounts will be wiped and staff will be deprived of their livelihoods, but your chances to rebound are slim to none.

We know, we know – you’re probably thinking that since you’re already spending a royal ransom on security, your business is covered. The reality, however, is that there may be vulnerabilities in your system that neither you nor your service provider are aware of – vulnerabilities that can be exploited in a second and need to be identified in order to be addressed.

Enter Penetration Testing

A pentest, or penetration test, is an attempt to assess the strength of your IT infrastructure by identifying and exploiting apparent vulnerabilities. Consider it an attempt to see how burglar proof your home is by hiring someone to try to break in – only instead of windows, fences and doors we work in the field of anything digital.

This process is usually done through manual or automated technologies, which assess all your digital components – from servers to endpoints, web applications, networks, devices, etc. Once established, we can attempt to exploit these weaknesses to assess their resilience. In fact, our team of experts can assess your entire IT infrastructure security in a controlled environment to attack, identify, exploit vulnerabilities and drive your brand forward.

Truth be told, it sounds like a vulnerability assessment… We understand that a lot.

We are offering a special offer on our pre-packaged Pentest Lite packs – your organization can reap the immense benefits of extra protection

The reality, however, is that the two couldn’t be more different. A vulnerability scan simply uses automated tools to examine an environment. Once completed, a report is compiled, provided to the client, and life goes on. Admittedly, these are useful for getting an idea of ​​potential security weaknesses, but a pentest goes even further by seeing if and how these weaknesses can be exploited in order to gain access to your digital environment.

The entire process simulates an attack (rather than just showing you your weak spots) so you can fully understand how a hacker would go about compromising your organization.

Why are we telling you this? Well, at Armata we aim to bring the utility of penetration testing to businesses across South Africa – combining our desire to make businesses more secure with the need to gain an edge in the war against cybercrime.

As such, we are offering a special offer on our pre-packaged Pentest Lite packs, in which your organization can enjoy the immense benefits of extra protection.

Reduced price

Our goal is to establish just how vulnerable your brand and the people handling your money really are. Not only does our Pentest Lite perform all of the security assessments listed above, but we take it a step further by exploring the concept of social engineering and asking ourselves, “Can I create enough information against your superiors to induce them to pay me money?”

For the month of December, at Armata, we are offering three days of pentests at a discounted rate of just R15,000. Usually, a full-price three-day penetration test would cost you around R30,000. Even better, this amount can be paid in installments over three months, which means that despite setting up your business for a more secure long-term future, you are able to split the cost into a manageable monthly fee for ease the pressure on your budget.

You can’t put a price on some things in life, and the security of your business is one of them. Penetration testing allows us to put ourselves in the shoes (and minds) of cybercriminals so your organization never finds out the hard way just how vulnerable you really are. We believe that cybersecurity is a right and that all businesses deserve a fighting chance – that’s why we allow you to enjoy maximum protection and minimum price.

Learn more about the offer here.

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