2022 revenue reaching a record €26.2 million (+156%)

New objectives for the 2026 financial year
CO2eq emissions avoided annually > 10 Mtonnes
Turnover > 100 million euros
EBITDA > €50 million

PONTPIERRE, France, July 21, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regulatory news:

FDE (Euronext: FDE – ISIN: FR0013030152), a carbon-negative energy producer, published annual turnover of 26.2 million eurosuntil 156% per yeardriven by a strong increase in production volumes and favorable market prices in the second half of 2002.

In millions of euros



% To change

S1 sales (July-December)



+ 127%

S2 sales (January-June)



+ 174%

2022 annual turnover



+ 156%

* Unaudited figures,

The Group also recorded revenue of €9.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2022 (April – June 2022), up 217% year-on-year.

Growth of all FDE activities in a buoyant market environment

Gas production activity remained very dynamic during the year. Associated revenues more than tripled to 11.8 million euros in fiscal 2022, supported by a further increase in production volumes (+8%) and an average market price of €46.70/MWh in FY2022 (+218%).

Revenues from power generation doubled to €12.9m (+97% compared to the 2021 financial year), driven by the increase in the Group’s production capacities (volumes up by 18%, mainly thanks to the commissioning of three additional cogeneration units in Anderlues in January 2022) and very favorable electricity prices in Belgium, reaching €195.10/MWh1 on average over the year.

Income from the sale of heat in Béthune and Creutzwald also doubled for 363k€ in FY2022 (FY2021: €178,000).

Cryo Pure subsidiary dedicated to liquefied biogas (Bio-LNG) and Bio-CO2 contributed €1.1 million in Group revenue over the 6 months of the 2022 financial yearwith the recent commissioning, in the presence of the Norwegian Prime Minister, of the first plant in Scandinavia capable of producing 8 tonnes/day of Bio-LNG and 10 tonnes/day of Bio-CO2 from waste and fish manure.

Several projects in Europe are currently under negotiation to produce Bio-LNG and Bio-CO2 using Cryo Pur technology.

On track to meet 2022 calendar year-end targets ahead of schedule

FDE continues to strengthen its unique positioning with the recent commissioning of two new 1.5 MW cogeneration units on its Aircraft site (3 MW), bringing the number of units in operation to 15 (22.5 MW).

The electricity for these two units is currently sold under a 3-year PPA (Power purchase agreement) and FDE has currently secured prices for 2022 and 2023 on €300/MWHSo optimize cash generation of this asset.

The building of the 15 MW photovoltaic plant in Tritteling-Redlach in Moselle, one of the largest in the Grand Est, is progressing with a start of production scheduled for Q4 2022.

In this context, FDE confirms that it is on track to achieve its annualized objectives of 35 million euros in revenue with an EBITDA margin above 45% at the end of 2022.

New FDE objectives for FY2026, supported by strong growth prospects

In the current tense geopolitical and energy context, FDE continues to contribute to the energy independence of the territories where it operates, by providing economically and ecologically competitive local energy, while already avoiding 3.5 million2 tonnes of CO2eq emissions per year.

In addition, the definitive inclusion of gas as a transition energy in the European taxonomy confirms its positioning as low-carbon energy and critical energy to meet the challenges of ecological transition in Europe.

The Group, being the exclusive holder in Lorraine of the largest gas resources in continental Europeis preparing to supply, under the strictest environmental conditions, local gas to households and industrialists in the Grand Est region, with a carbon footprint ten times lower than that of the gas consumed in France3 while strengthening the security of supply in the area.

Thanks to the positioning of the Group over the last decade, focused on the production of low carbon energy, FDE is proud to announce its new FY2026 objectives based on three key indicators:

– A reinforced environmental contribution to avoid 10 Mtonnes of CO2eq emissions per year
– Strong organic growth to achieve turnover above 100 million euros; and
– A continuous improvement in profitability with a EBITDA above 50 million euros.

Next announcement:
2022 annual results – October 19e 2022

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About La Française de l’Energie (“FDE”)

FDE is an energy group with a negative carbon footprint, specializing in the establishment of short circuits, energy recovery and production sites, allowing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. FDE notably supplies regional players with gas, electricity, heat and CO2, thus replacing imported energy with local and cleaner energy. FDE has strong development potential and aims to become a leading independent player in the energy sector in Europe.by Bpifrance.

More information available on http://www.francaisedelenergie.fr


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Does not include pending green certificates
2 Figures not certified at this stage. 1.4 Mtonnes certified. Source: Inéris 2019 certification, updated with “Global Warming Potential of 82.5 (AR6 – IPCC)” and including the Béthune and Avion 2 sites (FDE extrapolation), study 2022 Polytechnic University of Mons
3 Source: 2016 study by the Institut für Energie und Umweltforschung in Heidelberg (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

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