Check pay gaps, will go to High Court in rider case and initial pay: Union

In Hamirpur district, Himachal, TGT Art Teachers Association Chairman Suresh Kaushal and General Secretary Vijay Heer said teachers were disappointed with the loss of salary of senior employees in the framework of wages commission and non-payment of initial wages on Punjab lines. Under the addendum notification, teachers suffer losses in the initial salary set by the finance department after two years of service. The presentation of which was given to the Department of Finance on three occasions by the State Association of the Arts TGT.

The union had called for a minimum starting salary of Rs 44,100 for TGT teachers like in Punjab, or a similar coefficient of 1.26 for teachers, to adjust the TGT between the starting salary of Rs 48,200. For which the memorandum was handed over to the chief minister in Mandi and the finance secretary with the chief secretary.

last week ultimatum

He said that within two months of the establishment of the Remuneration Commission, the union had submitted five memoranda to the Department of Finance regarding the loss of salary of TGT teachers. Memorandums were also submitted to the salary anomalies committee. But dozens of discrepancies that appeared in the salary are not visible even after consulting the finance department. The demands for financial justice from TGT teachers, who have repeatedly complained to the bureaucracy and the government, do not appear to be met. Due to which the union is now giving the last one week ultimatum to the Ministry of Finance.

Angry about not getting TGT teacher raise

If legitimate demands are not met, the syndicate will prove the discrepancies causing financial loss in the High Court. The more experienced TGT teachers are, the more pay gaps they have to deal with. There was a big loss due to not receiving a raise on 4-9-14. The promoted TGT of the year 2009 to 2016 suffered a huge loss of salary. 2016-2020 TGTs lost one increment to newer TGTs due to non-availability of passenger notification benefits. There was also a loss of wage fixing according to the new scale. Two special raises are also not given to TGTs serving 15-25 years without promotion.

‘Last option to go to the High Court over wages’

While these can be given in accordance with the financial rules. Due to the withdrawal of the scale for the year 2012, there was a loss of more than 5000 salary each month. There was a loss of lakhs in arrears. Instead of protecting the grade salary of 5000, the TGT was reduced to Rs 3600. Due to which the arrears became lesser. There is no arrears system for those choosing the 15% option. The Ministry of Finance refused to make arrangements to change the option. 2.25 The optional benefit was not available to most teachers. That’s why he was not selected. In such a situation, going to the High Court in matters of rider and starting salary is the last option.

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