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FLEX Capital has acquired a majority stake in ComX, a market-leading B2B sales enablement platform, to grow the company, along with its founders, from a hidden champion to one of the leading SaaS providers in the world. world for automated sales.

ComX is the only company in the world to offer a solution for the entire sales value chain for companies offering complex B2B products or services. The company started with offices in Berlin and Cape Town was founded in 2018 by Philipp Ströhemann, Christoph Erler and Peter Hidden. Since then, the company has posted annual growth rates of over 125%. ComX already helps more than 400 mid-sized and blue chip companies such as cybersecurity provider Avira and recruitment services provider Randstad, among others, to optimize their sales.

The company helps win new customers in a strategic and predictable way by shortening sales cycles to just days through process automation and digitization, making each step of the deal cycle measurable and generating millions of new business. ComX customers particularly benefit from the outsourcing effect for time-consuming and low value-added tasks in the sales process. With its platform, ComX is a pioneer in the digital transformation of B2B sales processes that traditional CRM systems do not cover.

“We deliberately chose private equity investor FLEX Capital over venture capital funding. Indeed, to realize our vision, we need an experienced partner who knows the market in which we operate very well and who knows what steps are necessary to make our company fit for the global stage,” says Philipp Ströhemann, co – founder and CEO of ComX. “FLEX Capital is a perfect fit for us, we have confidence in their experience and are confident that with the support of this private equity fund, we can take the next important step in our growth.”

To accelerate international growth, FLEX Capital will in particular drive product innovation and support the professionalization of the company’s organization, for example by strengthening the second level of management and professionalizing the company’s structures.

“We are very happy to have been able to convince ComX thanks to our entrepreneurial experience. In a short time, the founders have developed an important product that strengthens German-speaking SMEs. I look forward to taking the next steps of growth with the founders and preparing the company for international business,” says Christoph Jost, Managing Partner of FLEX Capital.

Carlsquare acted as exclusive financial advisor to ComX and assisted the founders in a structured process to identify FLEX Capital as the ideal partner, prepare the investment documents, coordinate the due diligence process and negotiate the transaction.

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