Corporate Finance Institute chooses Vertical IQ to provide users with industry insights

RALEIGH, North Carolina, October 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — corporate finance institute® (CFI), the world’s leading online finance training platform, has selected industrial intelligence leading Vertical IQ as a source of industry information for their users.

“We are continually looking for ways to provide our students with real-world, hands-on experiences that simulate workplace challenges,” says Kyle Peterdy, Vice President of the Commercial Banking & Credit Analyst Program. “Vertical IQ provides extensive industry intelligence for global economies and offers on-demand industry reports written from a banking perspective that our students can use in our coursework and case-based curriculum while providing valuable knowledge about the real world.”

Add Lisa DorianCFI and CRO co-founder: “We are thrilled to partner with the industry leader in banker-specific intelligence. Vertical IQ’s robust and accessible platform truly enhances the CFI learner experience.”

CFI’s collaboration with Vertical IQ is a synergy, says the co-founder and CEO of Vertical IQ Bobby Martin. “CFI offers first-class training in credit and underwriting. We are delighted that their students have access to Vertical IQ Industry Intelligence to develop the skills needed to assess the risks inherent in businesses of all types,” notes Martin. “Vertical IQ is honored to be in such good company.”

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Vertical IQ is a nationally recognized leader in industrial intelligence. Successful sales, marketing, and customer success teams use Vertical IQ to better understand a prospect’s or customer’s business challenges before, during, and after meetings. Covering over 530 distinct industries, 3,400 local economies, and more than 90% of the US economy, Vertical IQ provides users with the trust and credibility needed to make memorable first impressions and nurture lasting relationships. Learn more about how preparation wins at


CFI is the world’s leading online finance training platform. CFI has helped more than one million students in 200 countries and territories gain the skills and certifications needed to pursue meaningful professional growth in finance and banking. The company’s state-of-the-art learning platform enables users to quickly develop their skills in accounting, finance, data analysis and other related skills as they progress through the learning paths to become world-class financial analysts. For more information, visit

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