Department of Finance – City of West Chicago, Illinois

The City’s Finance Department is responsible for the central financial functions of the City. Duties include providing technical support as well as participating in the formulation and execution of the City’s financial policies. The department also handles administration of the Metra Commuter parking lot, utility billing, garbage, and yard waste sticker sales. The department is also responsible for the general ledger, payroll, accounts payable, utility billing, collections, receiving mail processing, claims, and various other services that are provided to the public.

Budgets for the fiscal year 2009-2022

The City of West Chicago’s fiscal year 2022 budget was presented to the Mayor and City Council, pursuant to Section 2-146 of the City of West Chicago Code. The annual budget serves as a comprehensive financial plan and strategic guide for our organization. It includes a forecast of expected revenues for the coming fiscal year, as well as enacted expenditures that will guide the services provided to our customers, the 26,800 residents and more than 800 businesses that call West Chicago home.

Budget 2022 (PDF – 9 MB)
Budget 2021 (PDF – 8 MB)
Budget 2020 (PDF – 14 MB)
Budget 2019 (PDF – 15 MB)
Budget 2018 (PDF – 15 MB)
Budget 2017 Part I (PDF – 6Mo)
Budget 2017 Part II (PDF – 7 MB)
Budget 2016 (PDF – 6 MB)
Budget 2015 (PDF – 4 MB)
Budget 2014 (PDF – 4 MB)
Budget 2013 (PDF – 8 MB)
Budget 2012 (PDF – 6 MB)
Budget 2011 (PDF – 2 MB)
Budget 2010 (PDF – 5MB)
Budget 2009 (PDF – 1MB)

Audit report for the financial year 2020

The City of West Chicago has again received the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting for the fiscal year January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019 from the Government Finance Officers Association.

Audit report 2020 (PDF-2 MB)
2020 Management Letter (PDF-177KB)

Audit reports for the financial years 2009 – 2019

The City of West Chicago received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award from the Government Finance Officers Association for each of the fiscal periods below:

Audit report 2019 (PDF – 2 MB)
Audit report 2018 (PDF – 2 MB)
Audit report 2017 (PDF – 3 Mo)
Audit report 2016 (PDF – 3Mo)
Audit report 2015 (PDF – 2Mo)
Audit report 2014 (PDF – 7 Mo)
Audit report 2013 (PDF – 7 Mo)
Audit report 2012 (PDF – 6Mo)
Audit report 2011 (PDF – 6 Mo)
Audit report 2010 (PDF – 6 Mo)
Audit report 2009 (PDF – 6Mo)

Monthly entertainment tax return form

The city’s amusement tax is administered and processed by the finance department. Effective July 20, 2009, an ordinance was passed imposing a 2% tax, to be collected monthly, on all entertainment which includes golf, bowling, movies, and the rental of video films and video games.
Entertainment tax form English (PDF – 67kb)
Forma de Impuesto de Juegos Spanish (PDF – 67kb)


Fee schedule

Finance Department staff

Nikki Giles – Chief Financial Officer (acting)

Contact information:

(630) 293-2200 x120

West Chicago City Hall
475 Main Street
West Chicago, IL 60185
Telephone: (630) 293-2200
Fax: (630) 293-3028

Town hall hours:
from Monday to Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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