Department of Finance: Document on use of MC grants not available, FS calls meet today | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: As the Municipal Corporation (MC) failed to submit the two-term (April-June and July-September) Grant Utilization Certificate to the Finance Department of UT Administration, the Finance Secretary UT has called a meeting with senior MC officials on Thursday.
The finance department is yet to release the third quarter grant of Rs 125 crore to the MC. Sources said the matter was discussed between employees of the MC accounts office and the UT finance department. But since things could not be cleared up, the superior officer decided to hold the meeting.
Sources said that due to the computerization of records and related issues, the use certificate issues arose and the MC agreed to provide manual documents. On the other hand, sources from the finance department said they categorically asked the MC that without presenting the certificate, the grant would not be released. Sources said that although the MC has managed to pay salaries to the majority of employees using its financial resources and other means, almost all payments from contractors and other works have stopped.
UT had provided a grant of Rs 502 crore in aid of the MC for the current financial year. The amount was Rs 77 crore, more than the budget for the last financial year.

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