Entertain the manual geolocation of work under revenue budget: Financial Department

The instructions were issued by the Finance Commissioner (Additional Chief Secretary) of the Finance Department, Atal Dulloo due to the non-acceptance of work invoices submitted electronically by the Treasury and the creation of liabilities.

An official said that: “The Department of Forestry, Ecology and Environment has brought to the attention of the Department of Finance that invoices submitted for work performed against work subject to the appeal of e-bids under CAMPA are not accepted by treasury officers for reasons that are not affiliated with the recently developed finance department PROOF application, as geo-tracking of all jobs has become mandatory.

Uploading geotagged photographs through the PROOF app was designed for work done under the Capex budget, the official said. Therefore, mapping of work under revenue budget, CAMPA and heads of depot is not possible as funds under revenue budget are not released in terms of work, the official added quoting a Circular from the Ministry of Finance.

In this context, all J&K Treasury Officers are requested to support manual geotagging photographs for revenue budget work and other filing heads until the PROOF application is also applicable to work under the revenue component.

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