Finance department ready to help with income tax issues

When we think of this time of year, it’s not uncommon to think how busy we are.

For the city’s finance department, the holidays are busy for a different reason — working hard to close the current year’s books and prepare to implement an approved budget for next year.

Our finance department provides many services both within our organization and to the community. They have a proven track record of financial accountability and have received the State Auditor’s Award of Distinction for Excellence in Financial Reporting and Accountability for the past 11 years.

Our team is responsible for managing the city’s revenues and expenses to ensure we operate within our means each year, completing payroll, administering the annual budget and capital plan, completing required reports, create a tax budget and help residents and businesses with tax issues. as they arise.

Additionally, our finance department is focused on making it easier for you to see how your tax money is being spent. The department has prepared the city’s first popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) in 2022, available at

One of the services our team offers directly to the community is to provide residents and businesses with two income tax administrators available for income tax questions or issues. They can be contacted at

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As income tax requirements have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, we frequently receive questions regarding state law. Under state law, municipal income tax must be withheld by employers and paid where the work is performed. Before the pandemic, that meant that if someone worked in Columbus and lived in Grandview Heights, they paid Columbus income taxes.

When many employees began working from home during the pandemic, the General Assembly temporarily allowed employers to continue withholding work done before the pandemic from the city. On December 31, 2021, this ended, meaning employers began to withhold city income tax again based on where the work is performed. For those who work from home, this is now their home city, or it can be a mix of their home city and the city in which their employer’s office is located.

If you reside and work for an employer in Grandview Heights, there is no need to change your deduction. If your employer is based outside of Grandview Heights and you work from home, please ask your employer to begin withholding taxes for Grandview Heights immediately. Even if you don’t work from home every day, your employer is required to withhold income taxes for Grandview Heights on the days you work from home.

While where you pay your income taxes may not seem to matter at first glance, it matters a lot for municipal services. Due to the fact that many industries in Grandview Heights are planning to work from home in a somewhat non-disruptive manner, we have seen our tax revenue drop more than most cities in central Ohio.

Our resources to provide modern infrastructure, emergency services, garbage collection, parks programs and all of our other services rely primarily on these local tax revenues. Making sure your employer pays your taxes to the right municipality makes all the difference in our ability to operate. For additional resources and frequently asked questions, visit and select Grandview Heights Income Tax under our “Services” tab.

Greta Kearns is the mayor of Grandview Heights.

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