Gujarat Department of Finance issues guidelines to control spending in 2023-24

GANDHINAGAR: Gujarat Finance (Expenditure) Secretary Manisha Chandra has issued 18-page guidelines to control expenditure for the 2023-24 financial year.

In the guidelines, Manisha Chandra made it clear to all departments that “if only 10% of the funds allocated for the current fiscal year are used for specific programs, the department will have to justify the continuation of these programs and will have to ask beforehand the authorization of the Finance Department.”

The directive categorically states that only new labor requirements will be permitted in exceptional cases, it advises all departments to make maximum use of A-technology to reduce reliance on human resources. Class IV employees will not be on the government payroll, but the work will be outsourced. He strictly advised to no longer hire on a contract basis by outsourcing for Class III or above.

The Ministry of Finance is of the opinion that if a subsidiary of the government is now autonomous, the subsidy from the state government should be stopped, in this way the government can save an additional charge.

The ministry also suggested shutting down boards and corporations that have not signed up to government programs in the past two years. Also suggested within the department if different wings are joint work, these wings should be merged.

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