Hanley Energy revenue hit 138 million euros amid bumper job announcements

Revenue at Meath-headquartered energy management services company Hanley Energy hit 138 million euros last year as it announced 340 new jobs in the US, in addition 130 new positions here, with more expected to follow over the next 12 months.

o-Founder Clive Gilmore, who started the company with Dennis Nordon in 2009, said they grew it from a staff of six to 450 employees today.

The maker of critical power and energy management products is expected to have a workforce of 1,000 by next June, he said.

Meanwhile, revenue will reach 150 million euros this year, and its current projections call for revenue of 300 million euros over the next two years, he added.

“We work with the largest data center operators in the world. The US data center ecosystem has been an important driver of our business growth due to its scale,” said Gilmore.

The company never names its customers, but Amazon, Google and Microsoft are the three largest data center operators in the world, according to the Financial Times, with Apple close behind.

“On the West Coast of the United States, for example, we have ensured that our customers can maximize their efficiency and availability while using renewable energy sources there.

“Among a number of other major markets we are currently working in are Dubai, Bahrain, South Africa and Sweden.”

Jobs in Virginia will be created in a new 18,580 m² factory that Hanley Energy is opening there, for an investment of $8 million (€7.65 million).

“We’ve been in the States for about nine years now, and it makes sense to have some of our manufacturing here,” Gilmore said.

“It’s closer to the customer and organically alleviates current supply chain issues and transportation costs.

“We still manufacture in Ireland and are set to double our footprint there, adding an additional 9,290m² of space.

“We’ve had a lot of approaches to sell the business, but we’re absolutely not interested in accepting any of them. We prefer to grow as we are, largely organically, and on the contrary, maybe sometimes acquire other businesses ourselves.”

In late 2019, Hanley Energy bought Co Louth maker Flexitech, a maker of custom-designed control panels and switchgear that were part of its supply chain.

It has helped the company reduce its time to market, by providing critical niche R&D, testing and certification facilities, which are essential to comply with the various standards in all its markets.

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