Karnataka: Finance Department Obstacle to Speedy Implementation of Budget Proposals | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: As the budget for 2022-23 has been passed and the legislative session draws to a close, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has embarked on a mission to implement his budget promises from April 1, the first new exercise day.
However, officials and experts are skeptical. They say very little will happen unless the CM gets quick approvals from the finance department – ​​which he heads – and secures the release of funds on time.
Bommai is particularly keen to implement all his budget proposals after Siddaramaiah, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, during a debate on the Finance Bill for 2022-23, pointed out that around 30% last year’s fiscal assurances have not seen the light. of the day.
Citing the Action Report (ATR), Siddaramaiah said the government had not issued orders for 53 of the 382 programs announced in the budget for 2020-21, and more than 70 programs received orders. [GOs] and funds only in January-February.
“The programs for which there are no government orders will eventually be abandoned and the programs for which GOs were issued in February will not be implemented because the respective departments cannot spend the money by the end of the exercise. [about a month’s time]said Siddaramaiah.
To overcome these shortcomings, Bommai has already written to the heads of 39 key departments, ordering them to issue GOs for proposals for their departments on April 1.
Bommai had announced some 370 programs in its first budget and officials from the chief minister’s office say efforts are underway to implement all of them. “I took it upon myself to implement all the budget proposals and the departments have to deliver them,” Bommai said.
He appointed a group led by the chief secretary to monitor implementation and said he would personally review progress at a meeting every month.
With 24 budget proposals, the health department is at the top of the list and officials are scrambling to issue GOs for as many plans as possible on April 1. However, they complain that they do not receive the expected cooperation from the finance department.
“There is no problem issuing GOs for the continuation of ongoing programs. The difficulty is the new diets,” a health department official said after an internal budget execution meeting on Tuesday. “We sent GOs that the financial department must approve. The speed of implementation depends entirely on how quickly the finance department disburses the funds. So far, the response has not been very encouraging,”
Experts say it is the responsibility of the CM to ensure a quick response from his department. “It takes serious intention,” said Jyotsna Jha, director of the Center for Budget and Policy Studies. “It’s a practice to announce fancy programs just to add glamor to the budget. These are usually forgotten at the end of the financial year. We hope Bommai doesn’t make the same mistake.

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