Kazakhstan’s state budget revenue expected to increase in 2022: ministry

BAKU, Azerbaijan, April 18. Kazakhstan’s state budget revenue will increase this year, Kazakhstan’s Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Savelyeva announced her forecast, Trend reports citing the ministry.

“State budget revenue will increase from 9.2 trillion tenge ($20 billion) to 10.2 trillion tenge ($22.2 billion) in 2022 given the expected external conditions for the development of the economy. economy, according to the revised forecasts for socio-economic development, also the measures taken to improve customs and tax administration,” Savelyeva said during the presentation of bills amending the laws “on the republican budget for 2022- 2024” and on a guaranteed transfer from the National Fund for these years.

Amendments have been adopted this year which provide for an increase in excise rates for gasoline and diesel fuel in accordance with the instructions of the Kazakh President, she said.

“Additional funds from the implementation of this measure in the amount of 161.8 billion tenge ($352.5 million) will go to the republican budget of three regions – Pavlodar, Atyrau and Shymkent regions. Own revenue from the budget will increase by 1.1 trillion tenge ($2.4 billion) and at the same time, the implementation of the set tasks will require funding in the amount of 2.7 trillion tenge ( 5.8 billion dollars), it is proposed to additionally attract a guaranteed transfer in the amount of 1.6 trillion tenge (3.4 billion dollars) in agreement with the president”, noted the deputy minister.

“The guaranteed transfer of the National Fund will amount to 4 trillion tenge ($8.7 billion) this year, and at the same time the balance of income and expenditure of the National Fund will be positive at the end of the year” , Savelyeva added.

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