Kerala Department of Finance announces latest date to join MEDISEP

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Department of Finance has announced the deadline for enrolling government employees and pensioners in the MEDISEP scheme. Personal details must be submitted and verified by August 25 to qualify for the insurance scheme, the finance department said. However, details may be changed even after this date.

Hospitals will only consider MEDISEP ID cards with accurate details for insurance application. Although the department has offered several chances to correct errors in uploaded information, many recipients have yet to do so. The status report downloaded from the MEDISEP portal will not be recognized as an ID card. Identity cards will be issued based on information provided by employees of government offices and treasuries; and retirees. Employees must use their MEDISEP ID as their user ID to log in to the portal. The permanent employee number (PEN) will be the password.

Meanwhile, retirees can give MEDISEP ID as user ID and Pension Payment Order (PPO) number as password. People who go to hospitals for treatment should contact MEDISEP assistance services or dial the insurance company’s toll-free number 1800 425 0237. Insurance coverage cannot be assessed by submitting the condition report instead of the card. Those who have complaints about MEDISEP can enter them in the complaint link on the portal.

MEDISEP, the Cashless Health Insurance Plan for State Employees and Retirees is a comprehensive health insurance plan. It was launched on July 1 and has benefited over 12,000 people. The scheme covers 1920 treatments and surgeries. A notable feature is the coverage for pre-existing conditions. Policy coverage is three years on a floating basis. Each year, the beneficiary is entitled to a fixed cover of Rs 1.5 lakh and a floating cover of Rs 1.5 lakh. The unused floating benefit will be carried over to the following year. So, a person who did not avail the float in the first year will have an eligibility for Rs 4.5 lakh next year. In addition to this, beneficiaries with catastrophic illnesses will receive assistance from the Rs 35 crore corpus fund managed by the insurance company.

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