Legacy Waste Disposal Awaits Finance Department Approval

MCC had prepared a Detailed Project Report (DPR) to dispose of Pacchanady’s legacy waste using biomining technology, as recommended by the Central Pollution Control Board. The state cabinet had authorized an allocation of Rs 73.73 crore to dispose of almost 10 lakh tonnes of ‘legacy waste’ at the Pacchanady landfill site on the outskirts of the city, for waste disposal by “biomining” and “bioremediation” methods, on August 19. , 2021.

“We expect approval shortly. Once approval is received, the work order will be issued,” MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar said.

MCC has finalized a bidder from Hyderabad – M/s NACOF (National Cooperative Federation of Farmers Supply, Processing and Retailing of India) to carry out the biomining process. However, the Bidder’s funding proposal is awaiting government approval.

The legacy waste consists of a 50 meter high heap covering up to 2 km from the Pacchanady landfill site.

Trash at the landfill, spread over 42 acres of land, had slid in August 2019, destroying the lives of many families residing downstream.

The landslide had covered 13.5 acres of horticultural and private land outside revenue land.

The MCC had sent a detailed project report to the Municipal Administration Branch to clean up the garbage by the biomining method.


The MCC expects an income of Rs 22.95 crore from compost prepared from waste, plastic recycling and others. The biomining technique will be used to clean up dumped waste for many decades in accordance with legacy waste management guidelines submitted by the Central Pollution Control Board.

During the presentation of the MCC budget for 2022-2023, the chairman of the Standing Committee on Taxation, Finance and Appeals, Shobha Rajesh, said that the state government had given its approval for the acquisition of 17 .25 acres of land that was submerged by landslide of garbage in Pacchanady.

The proposal was submitted to the taluk office for verification. After getting the report from the office of the taluk, action will be taken to pay compensation to the eight families of the said land.

The state government had released Rs 22 crore as compensation for families harmed from the rubbish slide. Already, compensation of Rs 13.80 crore has been paid.

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