Ludhiana | Finance Department Releases Funds After Court Garnishes WD Salary

Days after the court ordered to garnish the District Education Officer’s (DEO) salary for non-payment of 9% interest on the delay in releasing retirement funds to a former primary education block, the finance department released the long-simmering bills on Thursday.

The move comes a day before the DEO is due to appear in a local court after being summoned to appear in person and having her wages garnished by the court.

The DEO is still due in court on February 18.

“After completing the formalities, block officials will send the funds to the local treasury office who will then deposit the pension funds directly into the applicant’s account within the next two days,” a local education department official said. .

HT reported on Thursday that Harsimranjit Singh Court, Civil Judge (Main Division), Ludhiana, summoned the DEO on February 18 to explain why contempt proceedings should not be brought against her, since despite the fact that the DEO has submitted an undertaking dated December 15, 2021, the department has not released benefits.

The wage garnishment order was issued against the plea presented by the applicant’s lawyer, Rajwinder Kaur, who declared that the amount had not been cleared by the service. Meanwhile, Bhagwant Singh, lawyer for judgment debtors, said the bill submitted to Treasury could not be approved due to some objections.

Education department officials had blamed the finance department for the delay.

The case

Rajwant Kaur retired from the local Department of Education in 2017 as BPEO. According to her petition, the department delayed the release of her retirement benefits and funds, following which she demanded interest for the same.

Last year, the court ordered the Department of Education to pay him 9% interest. After the department failed to comply with the orders, the court on October 13, 2021 issued a foreclosure warrant to the Department of Education.

On October 29, 2021, counsel for the respondents filed an affidavit with the court agreeing to pay interest to the plaintiff. The department asked for more time to make the payment, but it did not.

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