Pimlico Partners Wins “Investor Relations Consultant Award”

Dubai, Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pimlico Partners, a Dubai-based advisory firm, has been named “Best Investor Relations Consultant of the Year” by Entrepreneur Middle East at the Leaders of Fintech Awards, 2022.

“We are truly honored to have been awarded the title of Best Investor Relations Consultant by Entrepreneur Middle East. This prestigious award justifies our view that the Middle East will become an increasingly important player in the global market. said Phillip Lord, managing partner and co-founder of Pimlico Partners.

Lord added, “Being recognized as a disruptor in our industry is a remarkable achievement for our team. This recognition gives us the wings to fly higher and serve as a bridge between Middle Eastern investors and international companies.

The Middle East has become an important investment market. However, due to cultural differences, doing business here is difficult for non-regional companies. Our mission is to be the bridge to the Middle East for international players wishing to do business here, and this award justifies our commitment to the region.

Lord concluded, “I would like to thank Entrepreneur for this opportunity, and we look forward to maintaining this honor by supporting new businesses and initiatives.

About Pimlico Partners

Pimlico Partners is your bridge to the Middle East. Pimlico is a solutions-focused investor relations and capital introduction firm. We work with private equity, venture capital, hedge funds and innovative companies looking to access qualified investors and business development opportunities in the Middle East.

Pimlico’s clients include innovative public and private companies and asset managers looking to build brand awareness or open up business opportunities in the region. Pimlico uses its substantial physical presence at client locations to connect clients to their vast network of investors.

Through its extensive network of overseas partners, Pimlico also helps companies in the Middle East access global capital markets and investors.
Pimlico’s average Partner’Ppartner Partners have, on average, more than 25 years of international capital markets experience in their sector specialties.


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