SFA Department of Economics and Finance Provides Economic Services in East Texas with New Research Center

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) — Mikhail Kouliavtsev is director of the nonprofit center that resides in the economics and finance department located at SFA’s Rusche College of Business. He said it’s a way to have a formal space for their work when they team up with, “entities like companies or these government agencies can contact us with a project or a need they have, and we can answer them directly”.

Kuliavtsev said the center is made up of faculty members who are economists in various fields who can contribute and talk about topics like the Federal Reserve and new policies like student loan forgiveness.

“Our goal is basically to have the ability to share our expertise with the community at large,” he said.

In addition to working alongside the university, they have also worked with the City of Nacogdoches, forecasting sales tax revenue, as well as the Nacogdoches Economic Development Corporation on the impacts of the SFA and community events on the local economy.

The center will also focus on data analysis and market research in and around East Texas, whether that be one-on-one assistance or visits with specific groups.

“We are local, sometimes we know the local economic conditions better than someone who doesn’t live and work in the region,” Kuliavtsev said.

The Center for Business and Economic Research says it will also ask students to get involved to gain hands-on experience and expose them to real-world economic research.

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