SG Blocks Announces Hiring of New Investor Relations Firm, Equity Animal, Led by Mark Moran and Brian Hanly

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SG Blocks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGBX) (“SG Blocks” or the “Company”), a leading developer, designer and manufacturer of modular structures, today announced the hiring of Equity Animal, LLC (“Equity Animal” or the “Company”), a New York-based investor relations firm led by Mark Moran and Brian Hanly.

Equity Animals, which specializes in complex corporate storytelling, will serve as both the company’s investor relations and public relations firm to help broaden the company’s profile with the financial community. Through the company’s unparalleled distribution network, Equity Animal is able to reach over 35 million retail, institutional and accredited investors per month. The company will launch its engagement with SG Blocks Second quarter 2022 results call hosted on Twitter Spaces on Monday, August 15e at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Paul Galvin, Chairman and CEO of SG Blocks, said, “We are pleased to announce the selection of Equity Animal to be our storytellers going forward as we seek to more effectively raise awareness of our ESG and drive significant value creation in real estate development, manufacturing and medical verticals. We waited too long and let market players determine our fate, which in turn restricted our growth potential. We believe we are a movement whose time has come and it is my pleasure to hire Equity Animal to help aggressively unlock our potential.

Marc Moran, CEO of Equity Animal, said, “We are delighted to advise SG Blocks, a mission-driven company while disrupting the largest vertical markets with best-in-class safe and green modular construction for building structures. . What excites us most is the opportunity to show new investors that rooted in the company’s DNA is the philosophy that ESG done right is not just green, but can change the world, while creating value for shareholders.

Given the company’s lack of hedging, they’re susceptible to Wall Street hedge funds and market makers trying to make a quick buck with a mission-driven company with no skin in the game – that’s is this David vs. Goliath story that we will tell in the marketplace by showcasing SG Blocks’ strong structural business, track record and management to approximately 35 million investors per month.

Brian HanlyPresident of Equity Animal, added, “We look forward to helping the company communicate its past success story and current pipeline to create better strategic opportunities for growth.”

Second Quarter 2022 Earnings Call on Twitter Spaces

About SG Blocks, Inc.

SG Blocks, Inc. is a leading developer, designer and manufacturer of modular structures, meeting the growing demand for safe and environmentally friendly construction. The company offers a product that exceeds many standard building code requirements and also helps developers, architects, builders and owners achieve faster turnaround, greener construction and higher value buildings. The company creates purpose-built pre-engineered modules from wood, steel, and shipping containers into supreme structures. For more information, visit

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